10 Experts

…in Cairo, the world’s fifth largest capital, questioned by the Thomson Reuters Foundation gave ratings for their transport system which would have put the Egyptian capital among the five worst cities in the survey

1000 Women

[According to Thomas Reuters Foundation] …in London, New York, Mexico City, Tokyo and Cairo found 52 percent of respondents overall cited safety as their main worry, with women in Mexico City the most fearful about safety

Almost three in every four women

in Mexico City lacked confidence they could travel without facing sexual harassment and abuse or sexual violence, with Cairo coming a close second. This compared to one in four women in the other three cities

Changing the way women experience traveling...

From sexual assault, abuse, rape, robbery, even sex/human trafficking; as women, we can agree that we experience the world differently than our male counterparts.

As women, we realized how necessary it is to have effective programs in place to help train, equip, & educate women how to navigate various territories, while being mindful of their surroundings, and watching for signs that just might keep her and other women safe while traveling.

What started as an idea, quickly birthed a movement of empowering safety, security and sisterhood.

Okay, quick story time, beloveds… I have a friend, let’s call her India. Now, India comes from a small southern town, where everyone knows everyone. She was raised in the church, Pentecostal at that – so sex was taboo. Through life choices and experiences, she quickly became a sexual vixen in her own right. Along her journey, she chose to travel the world, exposing herself to various cultures. This exploration led her to become one of the top International Relations experts in her field. However, through a tragic and traumatizing sexual encounter facilitated by a “friend” she trusted, India decided it was time to move on to other opportunities and retire from that career. She quickly learned that her “career family” was nothing but a brood of vipers, who didn’t have her back after years of dedicated servitude…and she just wanted to be done. Her trauma was an enormous anchor, and she didn’t even know it yet. It hindered her from fully transitioning to her fullest potential, because she couldn’t move beyond the past! She would shut down and shut everyone out. She would break down and start having negative thoughts about harming herself! Sounds toxic, right?

Every chance I get, I try to work with India, reminding her of her faith, her loved ones and her support system. Even being shut out – I make sure to slide her a message here and there. She usually responds once she’s grasped her emotions. And that’s okay…it’s part of the “process” of the journey. It took me a while to learn what truly soothed my soul, and I say that because soothing the mind and body can feel great at the time, even for a period of time…but pleasing the soul is everlasting, beloveds! Travel (to go from one place to another, typically over distance), is by far my drug, my pacifier, my cult, my obsession. It connects dots to people, cultures, history – to mold their future. It’s super therapeutic. But if not careful, can be devastating and scary as well. Back to India… I pray for her every chance I get. She’s touched a part of my heart that I don’t usually admit, because it has been hard for me to like, much less trust people. But, we are connected, so I care! And when I care, that speaks volumes! Everyone has a why! Even our experts, who have a passion for training women to protect themselves wether at home or traveling the globe. What’s your why? We invite you to come and share your story & experience with us to empower women to travel smarter.

Listen, we all deal with trauma differently, and there’s no perfect formula to healing. But the goal is to first, START the journey!

Here’s a secret…once you do, it gets easier *wink* I love that word, “journey” – the [act (requires you to do something) of traveling (movement) from one place to another (transformational elevation)].

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